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The human body can resorb particles up to 10 microns. The oral mucosa can resorb particles of up to 0.4 microns and the intestinal mucosa particles of up to 10 microns. Conventional beta glucan products are usually available as a powder in capsules. Their particles are about 90 % larger than 10 microns. As man cannot digest beta-glucans, the particles of conventional beta-glucan products remain too large for effective resorption in the small intestine. Comparative studies show this.

The innovative resorption of beta-glucan in APUXAN is unique. APUXAN is in liquid form and thanks to its special formulation with a particle size between 0.1 and 0.4 microns, it is very well resorbed by the body.

The resorption of APUXAN takes place in two steps:

Step 1: through the oral mucosa
Step 2: through the intestinal mucosa

The double resorption of the active ingredient guarantees an extended resorption period thus ensuring a lasting effect. The total resorption of beta glucan is significantly increased compared to other products.


Resorption through the oral mucosa

Due to the special, patented formulation, the particles in APUXAN have a size below 0.4 microns and can thus be optimally resorbed by the oral mucusa.

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Resorption through the intestinal mucosa

In the second resorption step, APUXAN is resorbed through the intestinal mucosa. Here, particles with a size up to max.10 microns are resorbed through the cells of the intestinal villi. However, the number of resorbed particles increase, the smaller they are. Offering small and many beta-glucan particles, APUXAN can thus contribute to the continuous training of the immune cells by an efficient resorption via the small intestine.

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