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Your Immune System

In periods of increased stress, we are often particularly vulnerable to infections. This is due to a temporary weakening of the immune system. The immune system is our biological defence system that protects us from harmful influences of the environment such as viruses, bacteria, mushrooms or parasites. Even in otherwise healthy people, negative influences can make the body more susceptible to infection. Factors that adversely affect the function of the immune system include stress, malnutrition and unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, high-performance sports, smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol. Survived illnesses or operations also weaken the immune system.

Moderate exercise in the fresh air, adequate sleep, a balanced diet and moderate alcohol consumption demonstrably contribute to health and help to prevent disease. Targeted stress avoidance and supported relaxation methods can also contribute to the effective immune response.

Yet our bodies are often not sufficiently prepared for the pathogen load from the outside. Targeted and continuous training of the immune system, but not overwhelming, can make an effective contribution to the maintenance of the immune defence.